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Soldiers are Responsible for the Accuracy of their Promotion Records

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Soldiers are Responsible for the Accuracy of their Promotion Records

You completed your training and turned in all of your documents to your S1 for them to update
your promotion records well before the 8th of the month. You go about your normal business
and now here we are on the day that HRC releases the cut off scores and you start celebrating
and calling your mom to say that you made cut off, then you download the Promotion by name
list but your name is nowhere to be found. You go see your S1 only to find out that for some
mysterious reason they did not update your weapons and APFT scores so you will not be
getting that promotion on the 1st of the month.

Every month we receive a bunch of e-mails and messages on Facebook from Soldiers that get
screwed over by their units with this same issue. Unfortunately there is nothing that the
Soldiers can do to get their promotions backdated or any exception to policy that will get them
their rank, all they can do is wait for the next month and pray that the points don’t jump higher
than what they have.

It is extremely important for the Soldier to keep track and follow up on any documents that are
submitted to the S1 and check everyday to see if the PPW and ERB are reflecting the updated
promotion information. Don’t rely on anyone else to care for your promotion, here is the info
from the regulation about this:

AR 600-8-19 Para 3-1e. The records managers (servicing MPD’s S1 personnel, HR personnel,
unit administrators, or any other individual authorized to service the AMHRR) are responsible
for personnel information management in accordance with AR 600–8–104 (both personnel and
training data accuracy and timeliness). Data accuracy ensures promotion points are reflective
of a Soldier’s actual achievements and accomplishments.

Each Soldier bears a personal responsibility to ensure their records are accurate and
reflect all information necessary to compute accurate promotion scores.
This process
enables the Army to select the right number of Soldiers for promotion in the right skills to fulfill
authorized structure requirements.

The BN HR specialist and/or the HR specialist will assist Soldiers in this matter. Incorrect
promotion scores predicated on missing or inaccurate personnel and/or training information
will not constitute a basis for promotion score adjustments to affect previously announced
promotions. Corrections to either the personnel or training records affect promotion scores
moving forward and not retroactively.

This process instills a disciplined approach with direct responsibility falling on the unit CDR,
S1, and the individual Soldier. Each must ensure they have complied with the requirements
outlined within this regulation to ensure the Army has proper visibility of eligible Soldiers and
their scores; resulting in a capability to staff the Army. There are no exceptions to this
provision. Download the Updated AR 600-8-18 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions