Army QMP Boards start in March 2016

Army QMP Boards start in March 2016

Staff sergeants and senior noncommissioned officers who don’t meet Army standards
for behavior and performance will be subject to possible involuntary separation via
Qualitative Management Program boards scheduled for the second, third and fourth
quarters of this fiscal year.

Notification memos went out in December for the March 2016 QMP board, said
Ronald Simons, chief of enlisted retirements and separations in U.S. Army Human
Resources Command’s Enlisted Transitions Branch, which manages enlisted Soldier
QMP status.

“It is imperative that the Soldier review their AMHRR [Army Military Human Resources
Record] because that is the record the selection board is going to be reviewing. If it is
not up to date and correct, it is on the Soldier to make sure it is up to date and
correct,” Simons said.

Sgt. Maj. James P. Snyder, command sergeant major and senior enlisted advisor of
the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, in October gave
advice on how to handle being selected for a QMP board while speaking to NCOs at
training sessions.

“If you are in consideration for QMP, you have the means at that point to start
providing additional source documents of why you should be retained in the Army,”
Snyder said. “You need to utilize that process.

“Under the QMP process it has to be derogatory information that has happened within
the rank that you currently hold,” Snyder said. “You no longer have to be retirement-
eligible. We have QMP Soldiers at the 8-year mark, we have QMP Soldiers at the 17-
year mark. There is severance pay, but it pales in comparison to retirement pay.

See MILPER Message 15-394Reasons for separation by QMP