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Army Promotions Regulation 600-8-19

AR 600–8–19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions Update -> Army Directive 2015-31

o Incorporates a Select-Train-Educate-Promote concept into the enlisted promotion system

o Expands enlisted promotions standards of service

o Revises non-promotable status

o Suspends favorable personnel actions for Soldiers who are on a Headquarters, Department of the Army
centralized promotion list (for promotion to sergeant first class and above)

o Revises determination of date of rank when promotion occurs from more than one promotion list

o Revises policy on the promotion of Soldiers categorized as missing

o Modifies the Noncommissioned Officer Education System completion requirement for Soldiers promoted in
the Disability Evaluation System

o Clarifies proper authority to issue the posthumous promotion certificate and sets aside Noncommissioned
Officer Education System completion requirements for posthumous promotions

o Requires completion of the Basic, Advanced, and Senior Leader Courses in order to be fully qualified for
promotion pin-on

o Establishes conditional promotion to sergeant major (para 1-28c(1)).

o Requires the Basic and Advanced Leader Courses as condition for battlefield promotion

o Eliminates conditional promotion authority for U.S. Army Recruiting Command merit promotions

o Includes applicability of U.S. Army Reserve (Active Guard Reserve) Soldiers
to reclassification eligibility for semi-centralized promotions

o Incorporates requirements to complete the Noncommissioned Officer Education System

o Clarifies list integration requirements of Regular Army Soldiers for various special promotion categories