Correction of Promotion Points Awarded for the Driver and Mechanic Badge

Correction of Promotion Points Awarded for the Driver and Mechanic Badge
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MILPER Message 17-022 Correction of Promotion Points Awarded for the Driver and Mechanic Badge
1. This MILPER Message will expire no later than NLT 31 December 2017 or when superseded.

2. This MILPER Message applies to semi-centralized promotions for Active Army Soldiers
processed in the Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO).

3. During a routine promotion point audit of the Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW), it was
discovered that additional promotion points are being awarded for subsequent awarding of
an associated component bar(s) for the Driver and Mechanic (DRV/MECH) badge.

In accordance with (IAW) AR 600-8-19, paragraph 3-17b and Table 3-12, the DRV/MECH
badge is authorized a one-time award of 10 promotion points.  Points are not cumulative
regardless of the number of additional component bars associated with a Soldier’s
DRV/MECH badge.

4. No later than 1 February 2017, the process for computing promotion points for the
DRV/MECH badge with component bars will be modified in eMILPO to reflect the award
of the basic DRV/MECH badge (10 points) with no additional promotion points for component
bars on the PPW.  This change will be effective 1 March 2017 and will not affect 1 February
2017 promotions.

5. Commanders (CDRs), Brigade (BDE)/Battalion (BN) S1s, and Military Personnel Divisions
(MPDs) must correctly update eMILPO to reflect one entry of the DRV/MECH badge and at
least one type of authorized component bar in order for a Soldier to receive 10 promotion
points on their PPW.

6. To facilitate removal of duplicate awards, a list of Soldiers who have duplicate awards of
the DRV/MECH badge will be published to the Personnel Automation Section community
directing them to update, correct, and remove duplicate award entries from Soldiers’ eMILPO
records.  Moving forward, human resources personnel will ensure when updating Soldiers’
records that there is one entry of the DRV/MECH badge and only one of each type of
authorized component bar earned.  The following entries will be used when updating eMILPO:

See also -> Cut Off Scores — Download MILPER Message 1 for more information

MILPER Message 17-022 Correction of Promotion Points Awarded for the Driver and Mechanic Badge