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Army Cutoff Scores May 2022

Army Cutoff Scores and Promotion Points

Army Cutoff Scores May 2022

The Enlisted Cutoff Scores for the month of May 2022 HAVE BEEN released.

Monthly cutoff scores are typically released between the 15th and 20th calendar day of each month. This is dependent on how the calendar falls around weekends and holidays.

Sometimes the Army cutoff scores can be released later due to internal delays within HRC. We make it a point to stay on top of these issues, so you don’t have to!

How to access and download monthly Army cutoff scores:

  • Below, you will see two buttons to view/download the current month’s cutoff scores.
  • GRAYED-OUT buttons indicates that the current cutoff scores are not available or have not been released by HRC.
  • GREEN buttons indicate that the lists have been released by HRC and are available to be viewed and/or downloaded.
  • Each button is component specific and opens a new window with the FULL PDF file to view and/or save to your device.
  • Each PDF file is consolidated with all pages and ranks included in one continuous file for simplicity.

If you want to look back at cutoff scores for April 2022, Click Here!

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View and/or download this month’s Army Cutoff Scores below:

Active Component (Cutoff Scores and By Name Lists)

AGR-USAR (Cutoff Scores and By Name Lists)

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