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Updated AR 600-8-19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions

AR 600–8–19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions
This Update is Dated 16 MAY 2019  (Download the Entire Regulation Below the Revisions)Latest revisions include the following:

  • Establishes exception authority to the Director of Military Personnel Management as
    appropriate (para 1–4a(10)).
  • Incorporates (from AR 600–20) date of rank policies upon enlistment, subsequent
    enlistment/reenlistment, and call/ordered to active duty or active duty for training (paras 1–
    13a through 1–13c).
  • Incorporates policy from AD 2015–31 (paras 1–29a(2) through (8), para 1–33d(1), and 1–
  • Adds graduation of the Master Leaders Course as a promotion requirement to master
    sergeant (para 1–29a(8)).
  • Establishes a temporary promotion authority under certain conditions (para 1–36).
  • Revises intent, purpose, and concepts of the semi-centralized promotion system (para 3–
  • Incorporates Army Directive 2017–23, hereby superseded (para 3–5c).
  • Establishes a Headquarters, Department of the Army bar to continued service when
    Soldiers fail to qualify themselves for promotion board appearance (para 3–11b(1)(b)l).
  • Requires commanders who reduce a Soldier for inefficiency from the grade of staff
    sergeant or sergeant, who meets the criteria for mandatory list integration, be required to
    initiate a bar to continued service against that Soldier (para 3–24).
  • Removes service remaining requirements for some Army Reserve promotions to sergeant
    and staff sergeant (para 3–33).
  • Incorporates Army Directive 2017–28 (throughout).
  • Changes noncommissioned officer education system to noncommissioned officer
    professional development system (throughout).
  • Incorporates the Distributed Leader Course (throughout).
  • Provides clarifying language (throughout).
  • Changes regional support commands to readiness divisions (throughout).
  • Updates numerous other policies (throughout).