Non-deployable Soldiers No.1 problem in the U.S. Army
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No Leadership Positions for NCOs on Profile
FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey told a gathering of U.S.
Army Reserve senior leaders they must execute the Army's core mission of fighting and
winning. In order to do that, Dailey said leaders must maintain readiness, look to the
future of the Army, and take of Soldiers and their Families.

He shared his initiatives that echo the priorities of the U.S. Army Chief of Staff, Gen.
Mark A. Milley, at the U.S. Army Reserve Senior Leader Conference, earlier this year.

"At the end of the day, if we fail to do anything else, if we fight and win, we have
accomplished our mission for the taxpayers of the United States of America and have
done our part for the joint force of the Department of Defense," Dailey said.

Dailey said that readiness is the number one in priority in the Army.

"As the Sergeant Major of the Army, our number one Soldier problem across the Total
Force is personal readiness," he said. "I know we all have different MOSs (Military
Occupational Specialties) and we all are in different roles, but at the end of the day, the
first and the last Soldier in the United States Army will be behind the trigger. And every
Soldier has to get on the line and fight."

"We've got to get our hands around this deployable problem," he said. "What I ask you
to do is write down the number of acceptable non-deployables in the United States
Army and hand it to me. The goal should be that 100 percent of the Army is deployable.
That is the only number you should be writing down."

Dailey said he and the Chief of Staff recently signed a memo stating that Soldiers
are either deployable or non-deployable and the Army will no longer assign a
non-deployable leader to a unit or organization.

"We can't do it because what we have found is there is a high probability of individuals in
that organization will be non-deployable as well," he said. "We have to take a hard look
at this. We have to look internally at whether or not we are ready to fight and win and
what we are projecting to our Soldiers as a readiness model to ensure we are successful
in the future."

Along the lines of readiness, Dailey said the Army has to take back individual and
collective training and put in the hands of noncommissioned officers.

CSM Scott C. Schroeder, FORSCOM CSM said at the recent TRADOC Town Hall that
NCOs that are on profile will not be allowed to hold leadership positions and that some
would be case by case but the army needs NCOs that are physically fit to lead the
formations. There are no big changes for now because the army does not have the
"Inventory" of NCOs at this time to execute the plan.
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