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Army Qualitative Service Program QSP Facts

Summary: Designed to identify Non-Commission Officers (NCOs) for involuntary separation
from active duty in an effort to achieve mandated end-strength; enhances the NCO Corp by
retaining NCOs with the greatest potential for continued contributions and supports
sustainment of career paths across MOS/Skill levels within an All-Volunteered Army.

Eligibility Criteria: All Soldiers whose Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) are formally
announced by MILPER Message and who meet the following criteria outlined below:

• CSM/SGM – Minimum 3 years TIG and less than 31 years AFS
• 1SG/MSG – Minimum 4 years TIG and less than 28 years AFS
• SFC – Minimum 4 years TIG and less than 25 years AFS
• SSG – Minimum 4 years TIG and less than 21 years AFS

Not Eligible for QSP :

• Soldiers with an approved retirement as of the board convene date
• Soldiers in a promotable status to the next higher grade
• 1SG/MSG previously selected to attend SMC for purpose of promotion to SGM
• Nominative CSM/SGM

Additional Information:

• Soldier must separate/retire effective no later than the date established by HQDA
• Appeals are limited to material error
• Soldier may request voluntary retirement in lieu of
separation if eligible for retirement
• Soldiers with 18 years AFS as of the separation date will be retained on AD until eligible for
retirement…may apply for retirement immediately (will be discharged at 20 years if no
retirement is submitted)

• Soldiers with at least 15 years and less than 20 years AFS as of the separation date may
request retirement under the Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA)
• Deployed Soldiers will not be separated/retired until redeployment plus 365 days – unless
Soldier requests otherwise