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army counseling, reception and integration counseling

Army Reception and Integration Counseling Statement
Counseling that welcomes new soldiers to the unit should begin immediately upon their arrival. Newly
assigned soldiers must adjust before they can become effective members. This adjustment will occur most
rapidly with an effective reception and integration plan. This is probably the most important step in starting
soldiers properly in a unit. Leaders must make a strong effort to sponsor and receive soldiers properly, set
the standards, and make them part of the team. Assisting new soldiers promptly with administrative
in-processing is only part of the plan. They need to be welcomed and to have their needs addressed. This
applies equally to new soldiers, to soldiers arriving from another assignment, or to soldiers returning after a
long absence. Soldiers returning from special duty away from the unit or TDY to a distant location may find
the home base situation has changed. They will need to adjust to those changes. Here are some Counseling
Statement Examples from that address just about every situation.