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Army HRC releases NCOER/OER error report and common NCOER mistakes

Army HRC Releases NCOER and OER Error Report

HRC has roughly 10,000 reports on hold for error at any given time. Our samples reveal that approximately 12-
17% of all evaluation submissions are found to be with errors. These errors hold the evaluations up from
processing. For USAR units and Soldiers this means that the ITRRS is never updated and names do not come
off the overdue list. Worst is that these evaluations might not make it to the Soldier’s OMPF for future career

HRC Evaluations Branch is working through the list of evaluations that have been on error since a last look in
fall 2009. We are trying to get to a point where an evaluation will only sit for 12 months before a final action
occurs. We are letting some evaluations through to the OMPF with an exception to policy for the standing error
if we can (taking risk at future boards) but are also rejecting some for their errors that need to be fixed. These
Soldiers aren’t getting credit for their performance.

Administrative information on evaluation is visible in our online application IWRS and the error explanation is
visible in the admin notes section on the day the evaluation went on hold for error. We need unit help getting
these fixed. We also need unit help avoiding the errors in the first place but that comes later. IWRS is located
at: Anyone with AKO Logon/CAC can access this application and get
administrative information. It is not restricted to S1/HR managers.

To fix these reports being held on error, and get them completed to a Soldier’s OMPF, a unit has several
options, depending on the type of error and availability of the rating officials.

The rating officials can completely redo, re-sign, and resubmit the OER/NCOER in AKO Forms. We’ll be able to
reject one version and let the other complete as the correction.

The rating officials can print a paper copy, use white out, and mail a corrected copy to the mailing address
below. We will get that corrected evaluation in for processing and then be able to reject one and let the other
complete as the correction. This matches the information contained in MILPER Message 10-322, Filing
Documents on OMPF (IPERMS)

FORT KNOX, KY 40122-5407

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