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New Army NCOER Questions and Answers PDF

New Army NCOER Frequently Asked Questions as of 30 Nov 15

When will the new NCOER be Implemented?
A: Due to the recently approved changes, the scheduled implementation is 1
January 2016.

Does the support form have to be signed in order just like the NCOER?
A: No. The support form slightly changes the order of the signatures due to
the senior rater counselings. Sequential order for signatures on the NCOER
remain the same while.

How many lines of text are allowed for goals and expectations on the support
A: 16 lines of text (including spaces) are allowed in Part IV.

In the support form, are the bullet comments in lower or capital text? (Slides
state capital text for support form and lower text for NCOER grade plates?)
A: The bullets will be upper/lower case (meaning the first letter of the first
word in that bullet will be capitalized).

If new derogatory SHARP information is found on a rated NCO, does an
addendum have to be submitted or is it still optional?
A: Raters must annotate any substantiated SHARP findings in an evaluation
or submit an addendum if the evaluation would have resulted in a lower
rating. AR 600-20 holds leaders accountable for ensuring this happens. The
rating officials may also direct a Relief for Cause based on the findings from
the previous rating period.

When does the commander’s inquiry have to be completed? Does the
investigation have to be completed/substantiated within the rating period?

A: The results of the inquiry will be forwarded to HQDA not later than 120
days after the signature date of the senior rater (OER and NCOER) or
authenticating official (AER-S). The commander’s inquiry does not have to be
completed during the rating period. Requests for inquiry will occur no later
than 60 days after the signature date of the rated Soldier (or Senior Rater, if
rated Soldier’s signature is omitted)

How many misfires can be received before the disciplinary memo is sent to
the chain of command?

A: One. If it’s due to the fault of the rating official and not the system.

Which block check will trigger a QMP review?
A: If a Soldier receives a “NOT QUALIFIED” assessment, then he/she may be
subject to a QMP review.

Is it mandatory for senior raters to counsel?
A: Senior raters should counsel the rated NCO initially (within 30 days) and
at the midpoint of the rating period.

Will I still be competitive if I receive a “HIGHLY QUALIFIED” NCOER?
A: Yes. Because the “HIGHLY QUALIFIED” box will be the norm, NCOs will
remain competitive for promotion with “HIGHLY QUALIFIED” NCOERs given
they complete their required professional military education.

Download the Official NCOER Frequently asked questions PDF