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New 2016 Army NCOER Guide

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Army NCOER All in one Updated January 2019

The new Army NCOER is now required for all evaluations as of 01 January
2016, are you prepared and know what has changed?

Having a correctly made Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report
(NCOER) that stands out is vital to the career progression of every NCO. In
most cases, the members of the board don’t know the NCO that is being
looked at for promotion so the NCOER must provide as much detail as
possible in order to guide them in choosing the best NCO for promotion to the
next grade.

Our team of current and former NCOs has created the most up to date
NCOER guide that is currently available.

Product features include:

  • Examples of NCOER Bullets/Comments
  • Step by step instructional videos that explain all new changes
  • Updated Forms and Regulations
  • MOS Duty description examples
  • Our team can review your NCOER to check for errors or make
    suggestions at no cost to you.
  • Free Quarterly Updates sent to you by Email
  • 24/7 Support via Email and Live Chat
  • Download to your Smart Phone or Tablet so you can work anywhere
  • Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied