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Army Regulations Frequently Used by 1SG and Commander

1SG and Commander Quick Regs
The Army publishes so many regulations that it’s hard to know where to begin when taking command or responsibility of Soldiers.
This page is meant to allow leaders to quickly reference regulations when making decisions. Each subject covered by this guide contains a short explanation and reference documents in order to highlight a DA Regulation, where to go for additional information, and outlines basic commander responsibilities.
This Soldier needs to be counseled and then smacked around a bit
Are your Soldiers out of control?
As Non Commissioned Officers, it is our
responsibility to counsel our Soldiers on a
monthly basis and when they fail to follow
Counseling on a DA Form 4856 >

Army Weight Control Program
Basic weight control information from AR

Leave Policy
DA 31, Leave and Passes

Indebtedness of Army Personnel
What to do if Soldiers fail to pay debts

Family Care Plans
Family Care Packets and Forms

Absent Without Leave (AWOL)
What to do when a Soldier is AWOL

Army Counseling
Basic counseling information and forms

Corrective Training
Rules for executing corrective training

Nonjudicial Punishment
Article 15 and UCMJ basics

Bar to Reenlistment
When to initiate a bar to reenlist

Soldier, Spouse, or Child Abuse
What to do when Soldiers Abuse Family

Support of Family Members
Rules for Soldiers that fail to support Family

Unit Commander Financial Report
Monthly Unit Financial Report

New Promotion Point Calculator
Add up your points for promotion to E5-SGT
and E6-SSG under the new point system
Army Enlisted Promotions Trend Report
Check the monthly enlisted promotions trend
report to see where you stand for promotion
to SGT and SSG by MOS.