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List of Courses that are valid for promotion points
Valid Courses for Army Promotion Points. Updated April 2013

1. HRC Enlisted Promotions has provided the attached course list to inform Soldiers of those courses which are valid for
promotion points at 4 points per week, and those which are not. The below information is also provided as a reminder of the
policy for awarding points for resident training courses. Also, see attached
MILPER Message 11-306, which provides
information on points for Professional Military Education, Resident Military Training, and Computer Based Training.

2. Formal Military Training.

a. Courses formally listed in ATRRS (and which have a "Y" on the attached list) are authorized promotion points (exceptions
follow) at the rate of 4 (four) promotion points per week (defined as 40 training hours) of military training.

b. Promotion points are not authorized for NCOES courses (except as indicated in para 3 below), all badge-producing courses
(see military awards), Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, New Equipment Training, USMAPS/United States
Military Academy (USMA), language training, Officer Candidate School, Warrant Officer Career Course. No promotion points
are granted for On-the-job training (OJT) and on-the-job experience (OJE), including Sergeant’s Time Training. Military
courses completed in the other Armed Forces that were required to hold qualification in or be awarded a MOS/rate are not
authorized promotion points. Federal Emergency Management Agency courses (see DA PAM 350-59, para 4-54) are not
authorized promotion points.
c. Ranger, Special Forces, and Sapper qualification courses. Soldiers will be awarded 40 promotion points for completion of
these courses. All phases of the courses must be completed prior to awarding promotion points. Ranger and Sapper courses
have a "N" in the attached list as they are not authorized 4 points per week, but are worth 40 points total.
d. Other military resident training courses (annotated on DA Form 87). Promotion points granted are limited to Soldier
Training Courses listed in AR 350-1, paragraph 4-14c (listed below as (1) through (17)). Soldiers will be granted 10 promotion
points upon successful completion of each course. THESE COURSES LISTED BELOW (1-17) HAVE A "N" IN THE ATTACHED
training annotated on a DA Form 87, except those listed in AR 350-1 as Soldier Training Courses, are authorized promotion
points. Locally designed certificates of training (in lieu of DA Form 87) are acceptable for the below courses.

(1) The Army Maintenance Management System Clerk Course
(2) Prescribed Load List Clerk Course
(3) Motor Pool Operations/Management Course.
(4) Generator Operator Course
(5) Fuel Handlers Course
(6) Basic Welding Course
(7) Forklift Operator Course
(8) Bus Driver Course
(9) Unit Supply Clerk Course
(10) Unit Supply Operations/Management Course
(11) Unit Armorer Course
(12) CBRN Defense Course
(13) Unit Postal Clerk Course
(14) Disk Operating System Course
(15) Word Processing Course
(16) Database Management Course
(17) Unit Level Logistics System Course

3. NCOES (Professional Military Education). (Reference
MILPER Message 11-306.)

a. When competing for selection to SGT:  WLC graduates will receive 80 promotion points.  Unless recognized as a member
of the commandant’s list, they will then receive 92 promotion points.  In order to receive the maximum points of 104 in this
category the Soldier must have achieved Distinguished Honor Graduate status or be identified as the Distinguished
Leadership Graduate.

b. When competing for selection to SSG: WLC graduates will receive no promotion points.  ALC graduates will receive 90
promotion points. If recognized as having achieved commandant’s list, they will receive 101 promotion points.  In order to
receive the maximum points of 112 in this category the Soldier must have achieved Distinguished Honor Graduate status or
be identified as the Distinguished Leadership Graduate.

b. In instances where Soldiers have completed more than one ALC/BNCOC Course, Soldier will receive points as indicated
above for the latest ALC/BNCOC completion, and an additional 20 points for the earlier ALC/BNCOC completion. For those
who achieved Commandant’s List, Distinguished Honor Graduate, or Distinguished Leadership recognition (in the earlier
class), an additional 5 points will be authorized, for a maximum total of 25 additional points.

Download the
Valid Course List 2013 in PDF see also Contact for Military Schools Branch >