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The OIC and NCOIC should select a test site that is flat and free of debris. Sound judgment must be used in the
selection of a 2-mile run course. There is no requirement to survey 2-mile run courses. However, selected test sites
should be free of significant hazards such as traffic, slippery road surfaces, and areas where heavy pollution is
present. Running tracks may be used to administer the 2-mile run event. If a 400-meter track is used, the
OIC/NCOIC must add an additional 61 feet, 4 inches to the standard 8 laps to ensure the test’s required 2-mile
distance is covered.

Validate the testing site: Don't assume that the old marks on the ground are correct, avoid a headache and recheck
the route with a measuring wheel DON'T USE YOUR CAR to measure the distance as this will not be an accurate
measurement. If you don't have a measuring wheel then ask another unit to help you out.

You can get all of the details for administering the
APFT in the new Army Physical Readiness Training Manual
FM 7-22 and TC 3-22.20
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apft instructions
New Army Physical Training Manual TC 3-22.20
How to Administer the Army Physical Fitness Test APFT  back to page 1

APFT personnel must be familiar with all aspects of administration of the APFT.

Supervision of Soldiers and laying out the test area are essential duties. The following test personnel are recommended
to conduct an APFT: OIC and/or NCOIC, event supervisor(s), timer, back-up timer, event scorer(s), demonstrator(s), and
support personnel.

The minimum number of test personnel required to administer the APFT is four: an OIC/NCOIC, an event supervisor, an
event scorer, and support personnel to hold the Soldiers’ feet on the sit-up event.