ERB Codes for Military Education. Updated January 2014

List of course codes (one list for Resident Courses and the other for Correspondence Courses) archived in PDF format.
You can obtain the most current list by going to the code page website (see links below); however, for those who may
have Internet connection issues, this may come in handy. Status C are current/valid codes, and Status H are
historical/invalid (for reference purposes only). Use the right click then click on Find and enter in a search value.  The
shorter the search value, the more 'hits' you will receive. Remember that codes will not be created for all courses - it is
suggested that you first consult with the proponent of the course before submitting a request.

Resident courses must be administered IAW AR 350-1, 1 week/40 hours or longer and TRADOC approved to be
considered. To request a new code for qualifying military school training that is not listed in the database, print a copy of
the ATRRS course information (course name, course number from the ATRRS Course Catalog
mil/atrrscc/ ) and submit to your local PAS Chief (BCT/MPD) and ask them to submit a trouble ticket to the AHRS eMILPO
Help Desk.

NOTE – NEW!!!!
*Added the code list for Correspondence Courses.  Be advised that unless there is a specific code in the Resident
Course list that allows for correspondence course/distance learning/non-resident course (such as Sergeant Major
Course Non-Resident), DO NOT use a Resident code; instead, all other correspondence courses (not sub-courses) are
to be entered in eMILPO using the Personnel Services Sub-module named 'ACCP/DL/eLearning' in accordance with
MILPER message 10-326.  The web link for the correspondence course code list is:

Additional information on

Download as PDF > ACCP Course Codes    All Resident Course Codes    Valid Resident Courses for promotion Points  
See also New Promotion Point Calculator      UPDATED LIST Jan 2014    SSD Codes
ERB Codes for Military Education
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