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Problems with ACCP Courses

From the Army Training Support Center Help Desk:  Updated 6 May 2011
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ALMS:  None of the Certificates of Completion on ALMS show credit hours. This is a flaw of the ALMS which has
yet to be fixed. And what the student sees on their unofficial ATRRS transcripts often does not show the credit
hours of ACCP courses. However, the credit hours (if they are courses that do have credit hours) are in fact there
and any ATRRS operator should be able to go into your ATRRS record to the RT portal to see them. S1’s who
have ATRRS access (or the S3 training NCO) can go to the LS screen put in the “FY and course code”, select the
course they are looking for and look at the C8 screen for that course. If there are any credit hours associated with
that course it will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.  The ATRRS catalog is their best resource. There is
also the web site that list ACCP courses on the ALMS with credit hours located at:

Your ATIA record can be found at > Access ATIA > log-in > My Courses > My Historical
Enrollments. Click on Printer Friendly Version, print it off and take it to your S1. If that is insufficient for them, you
can have an ATRRS operator access your ATRRS record to see the credit hours.

You can also request a duplicate course completion notice to take to your S1, which is the official document of
completion issued by the AITA system through which the course was taken. To submit your request, go to the
Army Training Help Desk (ATHD) at > Click on Ask a Question/Submit a Comment > Fill out
the form stating your request. (Helpful Hint: Be sure to select “Distributed Learning/ACCP” in the drop-down for
the Category so it will go directly to the correct office, otherwise, who knows how long it might take to get routed to
the ACCP office…)

You can also contct the Army Training Help Desk  (ATHD) for assistance using the following E-mail:  ask.athd@us. or phone  1-800-275-2872 (Option 1: ATHD Hub, Option 3: ACCP).
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