2017 Army Captain Promotion List
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Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) Active Component (AC), Captain (CPT), Army Competitive Category (ACC), Promotion
Selection Boards (PSB) Zones of Consideration ...Issued:[21-Oct-2016]...

1. This MILPER message will expire no later than (NLT) 21 Oct 17.

2. Policy.

a. A selection board will convene on 14 Mar 17 to consider eligible First Lieutenants (1LT) on the Active Duty List (ADL)
for promotion to CPT.  The board will recess on or about 31 Mar 17.  Officers eligible for consideration have the
following Active Dates of Rank (ADOR):

Above the Zone:  31 Mar 15 and earlier
Promotion Zone:  01 Apr 15 thru 31 Mar 16

b. The names and records of the following officers shall be excluded from consideration:

(1) Officers who are not serving on the ADL on the day the board convenes.

(2) Officers with an approved retirement or separation date within 90 days (12 Jun 17 or earlier) after the date on which
the board convenes.  Officers with an approved retirement or separation date will have a statement of approved
retirement or separation placed in their board file prior to the board pursuant to DA Memo 600-2, paragraph 7.

(3) Officers with less than one year of continuous active duty since their most recent placement on the ADL before the
board convenes.

(4) Officers who are serving on active duty under the Retiree Recall program.

(5) Officers who are serving on active duty under the Sanctuary program pursuant to 10 U.S.C.  §12686.

(6) Officers who are currently on a standing promotion list to CPT.

Please Read MILPER Message 16-305 for all of the details ------------------------------------
U.S. Army Captain Rank