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160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)

The 160th SOAR(A) provides Army Special Operations Aviation forces and expertise across the
full range of military operations in support of the Combatant Commands in order to achieve
regional and national objectives.

• Be in one of the authorized MOSs
Fill out the 160th SOAR Application
• Be in the Regular Army
• Be a U.S. Citizen
• Have or be able to obtain a SECRET clearance
• Pass a standard APFT and be IAW AR 600-9
• Be financially stable
• Be disciplined, motivated, and eager to learn specialized tasks
• Have a GT score of 100 or above (this cannot be waived)
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Authorized MOS’s

13F (2) 15B  15D   15E (1)   15F   15G   15H   15J   15N  15P (1)   15R (3)   15S (1)   15T (1)
15U (1)   15W (1)   25B (1)   25S (4)   25U   27D (5)   29E (4)   35F (1)   35G (1)   35L (5)
35N (5)   36B (1)    42A (1)   56M (4)   68J   68W   68X   74D   79S   88M   88N (2)   89B   91B
91C (4)   91D   91E (4)   91J (4)   92A (1)   92F   92R   92Y (1)   94E (5)   94L   94R   94W

(1) Not gender specific
(2) SSG/SFC Only
(3) Case by Case
(4) Limited Slots
(5) Non-Gender/Limited Slots

Contact Information
Commercial (270) 798-6504 DSN 635-6504
Fax (270) 439-4390 Recruiters@soar.army.mil