U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School
There are many Drill Sergeant positions available at this time so those interested should update
their ASK and contact their career manager for more information about becoming a Drill
Sergeant. The Drill Sergeant School (DSSC) is a functional course providing qualified
noncommissioned officers with specialized training resulting in the awarding the "X" and "8" skill
qualification identifier. The DSSC is designed to build on the leadership abilities and skills
acquired by the candidate and provide the unique knowledge and skills to train IET soldiers. Drill
sergeants are the primary representatives of the Army during the formative weeks of an enlistee’s

IAW AR 614-200, Section III Ch. 8-14
• PULHES- 111221
• APFT- No alternate events
• Mental Health Evaluation
• No speech impediment
• High School graduate or GED equivalent
• No Court-Martial Convictions
• No record of disciplinary action (LOR, AWOL, etc) during current enlistment or last 5 yrs,
whichever is longer
• GT 100 (waiverable to 90 on case-by-case)
• M16A2 or M4 qualification within last 6 months
• SGT-SFC (SGT must have minimum 1 yr TIG and be WLC graduate)
• Minimum 4 yrs TAFS and 2 yrs remaining after completion of DS duty

8–14. Drill sergeant candidate prerequisites
b. Drill sergeant candidates must meet the following prerequisites:
(1) Be physically fit (maximum profile guide is 111221), however, some conditions may be
allowed via waiver; meet body composition requirements in AR 600–9, and be able to pass the
APFT (no substitution of events) upon arrival at DS school.

(2) If age 40 years or older must have the appropriate medical clearance (see AR 40–501) at the
time of request. Medical clearance should state that Soldier is medically cleared for DS duty.

(3) Have no record of emotional instability as determined by screening of health records and
clinical evaluation by competent mental health officer. (NCOs initially receiving a negative
behavioral health evaluation, that is subsequently reversed by a competent, licensed, doctoral-
level mental health provider, may be renominated for DS duty). Positive evaluation must be from
a licensed, doctoral-level mental health provider. This applies to both Active Army and USAR

(4) Have no speech impediment.

(5) Be a high school graduate or possess the GED equivalent.

(6) Display good military bearing.

(7) Have demonstrated leadership ability during previous tours of duty and have demonstrated
capability to perform in positions of increasing responsibility as senior NCO in the Army, as
reflected on the NCOERs.

(8) Have had no court-martial convictions.

(9) Have no record of disciplinary action, to include letters of reprimand, or time lost under 10
USC 972 during current enlistment or in last 5 years, whichever is longer.

(10) May not have received EB or SRB for current service obligation if PMOS is not among those
authorized for DS positions if AA Soldiers.

(11) Have a minimum GT score of 100. This criterion may be waived by the commanding general
of Fort Jackson to not less than 90 on a case-by-case basis for SGT through SFC candidates.
Requests for waiver will be for Soldiers who have a successful record of service in leadership
positions and have completed college degree requirements or are continuing to further their
education at the collegiate academic level.

(12) Have qualified with M16A2 or M–4 carbine rifle within last 6 months.

(13) Be SGT through SFC (SGT must have a minimum of 1 year time in grade and be a graduate
of the WLC prior to nomination) (not applicable to USAR/ARNGUS Soldiers nor to DS school
1SG positions).

(14) Have a minimum of 4 years total active Federal Service. Sergeant candidates must also
have a minimum of 1 year time in grade and have 2 years service remaining after the completion
of DS duty.

8–15. Qualification criteria
a. Soldiers stationed OCONUS may submit application no earlier than 14 months and no later
than 10 months prior to their DEROS.

(1) A curtailment of OCONUS tour for the sole purpose of entry in the DS Program will not be

(2) Soldiers selected, and in receipt of AI, for the DS Program will not be extended OCONUS.

b. Soldiers based CONUS must complete at least 16 months at their current installation prior to
submitting an application. Soldiers will not PCS until completion of at least 24 months TOS.
However, as an exception, Soldiers may submit an application earlier when they are assigned to
an installation where DS positions are authorized.

c. Soldiers must successfully complete DS school prior to performing DS duties.

(1) Soldiers based CONUS who are located at installations without a DS school will attend school
in a TDY and return status.

(2) Soldiers located at installations where a DS school is located will be attached to the school for

(3) Soldiers returning from OCONUS will be assigned to the installation where they will be a DS.
Continental United States-based Soldiers will attend school in a TDY and return status.

8–16. Drill sergeant tour of duty

a. Upon successful completion of DS school, Soldiers will—
(1) Be awarded SQI “X” and “8”.

(2) Be awarded DS identification badge per AR 600–8–22.

(3) Be eligible for SDAP in accordance with paragraphs 3–23 through 3–25, above.

(4) Incur a 24–month obligation for DS duty. The 24 month obligation begins on the actual
reporting date to the gaining unit. Soldiers must take appropriate action to meet the length of
service requirement prior to attending school (see AR 140–111, AR 601–280, and
NGR 600–200).

Contact Information:
Drill Sergeant Team: Commercial: 502-613-5870 DSN: 983-5870
Enlisted Background Screening Section (EBSS) email address:

Phone: (502) 613-5075 DSN: 983-5075.
Army Drill Sergeant Training.
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