Military Individual and crew served weapons
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Individual & Crew Served Weapons

The M6 bayonet-knife is used as a bayonet on the M14 series rifle and as a hand weapon.

M-4 Carbine
A compact version of the M16A2 rifle, with a collapsible stock, a flat-top upper receiver accessory rail and a
detachable handle/rear aperture site assembly.

M-9 Pistol
A semi-automatic, single-action / double-action pistol. The M9 is the primary sidearm of The U.S. Military.

M-16 Rifle
A lightweight, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed rifle designed for either automatic or semi-automatic
fire through use of a selector lever.

MK19-3 Grenade Machine Gun
A self-powered, air-cooled, belt-fed, blowback-operated weapon designed to deliver decisive firepower
against enemy personnel and lightly armored vehicles.

M203 Grenade Launcher
The M203 grenade launcher is a single-shot weapon designed for use with the M16 series rifle and fires a
40mm grenade.

M240B Machine Gun
A ground-mounted, gas-operated, crew-served machine gun. This reliable 7.62mm machine gun delivers
more energy to the target than the smaller caliber M-249 SAW.

M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon
A lightweight, gas-operated, one-man-portable automatic weapon capable of delivering a large volume of
effective fire at ranges up to 800 meters.
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Military Individual Weapons
M16 Rifle, M4 Carbine and Machine Guns
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