Field protective mask M40
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Weapons used by the U.S. Armed Forces
Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical (NBC) Defense Systems

Field Protective Mask, M40/M42-Series
The M40-series protective masks replace the M17-series protective
mask as the standard Army field mask, providing improved comfort,
fit and protection.

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance System (NBCRS) M93/M93A1
A fully integrated NBC reconnaissance system with a dedicated system of NBC detection, warning, and
sampling equipment integrated into a six-wheeled, all-wheel-drive armored vehicle.

Chemical Agent Detector Kit, M256A1
The M256 consists of a carrying case, a booklet of M8 paper, 12 disposable sampler-detectors individually
sealed in a plastic laminated foil envelop, and a set of instruction cards attached by a lanyard to the plastic
carrying case.

Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST)
The JSLIST is the product of a four-Service effort to field a common chemical protective clothing ensemble
including a lightweight CB protective garment, multi-purpose overboots and gloves.
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M40 Protective Mask
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