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“West Point applauds the cadets’ desire to build
esprit and regrets the injuries to our cadets,” The
Academy Spokesman, LTC Christopher Kasker
said. “We are conducting appropriate
investigations into the causes of the injuries.”

So far no cadets have been punished, and the
academy has no plans to end the annual
tradition. LTC Kasker said commanders were not
available for comment on Friday.
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West Point Pillow Fight Gets Ugly
Credit Card Knife
For generations, freshmen cadets at the United
States Military Academy have marked the end of
summer of training with a huge nighttime pillow
fight that is billed as a harmless way to blow off
steam and build class spirit.

But this year the Harmless pillow fight turned
bloody as some cadets swung pillowcases
packed with hard objects that split lips, broke at
least one bone, dislocated shoulders and
knocked cadets unconscious leaving at least 30
Cadets injured, including 24 with concussions.
West Point Pillow Fight