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Military Special Leave Accrual

NDAA 2013 extended 75/120 (without SLA/with SLA) leave limits to 30 Sep 15.  
From 1 Oct 08 thru 30 Sep 15, a Service member may carry forward up to 75 days of leave.  However, leave balances exceeding 60 days
on 1 Oct 15 will be lost unless SLA protected.  At this time, any accumulated leave in excess of 75 days is lost at the end of the fiscal year
unless protected by Special Leave Accrual (SLA).  The maximum leave that can be carried forward at the end of the fiscal year with SLA is
120 days (75 ordinary leave days plus 45 SLA days).  For practical purposes, only leave accumulated before deployment plus leave earned
during deployment (not to exceed 120 days total) is protected by SLA.  Leave earned after deployment is not protected.  After return from
deployment, SLA protection ends when the accumulated leave balance drops to 75 days or less.  

The actual leave balance that can be carried forward into succeeding fiscal years is the lowest monthly leave balance after completion of
SLA duty, or the usual 75 days, whichever is greater.  Of course, if a Soldier has less than 75 leave days as of September, the actual
amount of leave is carried into the next FY.  DFAS is very proficient at figuring SLA based on deployment, showing days lost on end-of-
month OCT LESs. SLA days appear on LESs under “Remarks” as “Combat Zone LV Carryover Bal,” along with the expiration date.  SLA
protection will end either on the expiration date or any month when the current leave balance (Cr Bal) drops to 75 days or less (60 days
beginning  1 Oct 15).
Under SLA authority, Service Members may carry forward a maximum of 120 days from 1 Oct 08 thru 30 Sep 15, but a maximum of only 90
days beginning  1 Oct 15.  Accumulated leave exceeding the maximum is lost at the beginning of each new fiscal year.  
Special Leave Accrual is authorized by Section 701f, Title 10, US Code (10 USC 701f) and Department of Defense Instruction 1327.06. See
AR 600-8-10, Chpt 3 for procedures and guidance to prepare SLA requests.  DoD Financial Management Regulation 7000.14-R, Vol. 7A,
Chpt 35, shows SLA calculations.

How to prepare an SLA request:
1. First, check OCT end-of-month LES to see if leave was lost!
2. Modify Figure 3-1 of AR 600-8-10 to fit the individual Soldier’s circumstances.
3. Address the memorandum to:  CG, US Army Human Resources Command, ATTN:  AHRC-PDP-P, 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Dept
480, Fort Knox  KY  40122-5408
4. The unit commander should disapprove requests that do not meet criteria (see note 2, Table 3-1, of AR 600-8-10) – no need to send
them forward.
5. Attach a copy of the Soldier’s LES from the month s/he returned from deployment.
6. Attach a copy of the Soldier’s September and October LES (Sep LES shows number of days earned and used during the FY, Oct LES
shows number of days lost, if any).
7. The request must go through the Soldier’s chain of command for O5- or O6-level commander signature.
8. Scan the SLA Request and LESs, and email them to (Put “SLA Req” and Soldier’s last name in the subject
line), or snail mail as in #3 above.
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