The shooting came about 24 hours after a gunman targeted a
recruitment center in Tennessee, killing four service members.

A sign outside the Gainesville office warns federal law prohibits
any weapons from being taken inside. "We're not certain why
this member of armed forces brought this gun to the office. We
are currently looking into that with the armed forces," Holbrook
said. "That's part of the investigation."
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Navy Recruiter Accidentally Shot Himself at Work
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Gainesville, GA - A Navy recruiter is recovering after he
accidentally shot himself in the leg at the Armed Forces
Recruiting Center in Gainesville.

Gainesville police say the shooting happened around 11 a.m.
at the location on Dawsonville Highway. The man was taken to
the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville and listed
in stable condition Friday afternoon.

Soldiers are not allowed to bring guns inside the center, but
Channel 2 Action News confirmed the gun was the recruiter's
personal weapon.

The call had Hall County officials fearing the worst.
"Given the recent events that occurred in Chattanooga, this
does raise concern for many," said Cpl. Kevin Holbrook, with
the Gainesville police.