GITMO Detainees Return to the Battle
(Washington 6 March 2015) A new Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)
report found that over
116 Guantanamo Bay inmates who were released in recent years have
returned to the battlefields or taken back up with their former terrorist organizations,

Most, if not all, have resumed aggressive stances specifically against the United States and
other Western nations, the report said.

Inmate releases began under former President George W. Bush, but President Obama has
made closing Gitmo, and returning all the inmates to their homes of record, one of his key
campaign and White House promises.

The ODNI found 116 have been “confirmed of re-engaging” in acts of hostility. Of those, 23
have been taken back into custody and 25 have been confirmed dead, some by U.S. drone
strikes. Sixty-eight are still at large, including five that were released as part of the SGT Bowe
Bergdahl swap.

Sixty-nine more are believed to be “re-engaging” in terror activities, the ODNI found.
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“No one gets out of Guantanamo, goes right back to the front lines, and winds up in a CIA
report in the same week,” It can take months or years for them to feel confident enough to start
waging jihad again, out in the open, with the U.S. and their host government keeping tabs on
them. The ODNI can only put in a public report what it can confirm. That sometimes take years
of data to investigate.

Boston Newstime, meanwhile, reported that the top destinations of Gitmo detainees, post-
release, include Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
Guantanamo detainees