DOD Schools Review Transgender Bathroom Policy
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DOD Schools Review Transgender Bathroom Policy
WASHINGTON, 13 May 2016 — The U.S. Department of Education informed
school districts on  Friday that federal law requires them to allow students to use
restrooms and locker rooms "consistent with their gender identity," escalating the
pressure from the Obama administration on the contentious public debate over
transgender rights.

Department of Defense school officials are also reviewing their practices for
supporting transgender students, a spokesman said.

The DoDEA review will include an examination of that new transgender guidance,
Officials also have been looking at whether the school system’s practices and
guidance are consistent with current DoD policy. While it is a part of the Department
of Defense, and some state regulations may not affect DoDEA, “anything that’s a
federal law, our officials look at to see how it applies to us,” Spokesman said.

Currently when a parent notifies school officials that a child will assert a gender
identity that is different, DoDEA schools support students on a case-by-case basis,
he said.

In a "dear colleague" letter to school districts first reported by the New York Times,
the Department of Education maintains that requiring transgender students to use
same-sex facilities violates Title IX, the 1972 law that prohibits discrimination based
on sex. The letter was provided to USA TODAY by two administration officials who
would not discuss it publicly because it hadn't been sent.

"When a school provides sex-segregated activities and facilities, transgender
students must be allowed to participate in such activities and access such facilities
consistent with their gender identity," reads the letter, signed by two Obama
administration officials responsible for enforcing civil rights laws: Assistant Secretary
of Education Catherine E. Lhamon, and Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General
Vanita Gupta.

DoDEA will inform all members of the school community, including school
personnel, students, and families, “of any future changes to our policies and its
implications for school policy and practice.
DOD Schools Review Transgender Bathroom Policy