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Should Combat Veterans have priority for VA Benefits?

Most of us have read about all of the issues plaguing the Veterans Administration (VA) since the start
of the war on terror and it is well known that there is a huge backlog of patients waiting for
appointments to get treatment from the VA till this date with no relief in sight.

The VA system has many patients with a wide range of medical conditions and disabilities and as
veterans they all deserve the same care right? Well not according to some Combat Veterans that feel
that there should be priority given to those Veterans that have been awarded a Purple Heart, Combat
Infantry Badge, Combat Action Badge or the Combat Medical Badge to those that actually experienced

In one email a veteran expressed his frustration asking why should I wait for my claim to be reviewed
behind the POG claiming PTSD from shin splints when I am all jacked up from three combat tours?
Another message pointed out some of the fakers riding the system with false claims that also take away
from the Veterans that put it all on the line.

What do you think? Should Combat Veterans have Priority for VA Benefits?
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