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If you are strapped for cash then you
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Make extra money while on active military duty
As of this time SSD 2 is not being reserved through ALMS, like the other SSD courses. Because of this, a lot of
Soldiers already have reservations for SSD 2 and are not aware of these reservations.
To check and see if you have a reservation for SSD 2, please follow the below steps:

1. Go to
2. Access "My Courses".
3. There are tabs showing "Active" and "Historical" courses. Any current reservations for SSD 2 will show under
"Active". You'll be able to access the course if it is showing under this tab.

If you have a reservation and are having difficulties accessing the course; or have completed the course but the
graduation is not showing in your ATRRS record, you can contact the ALMS helpdesk. Even though they
currently do not have the course itself in the system, they do have access to see enrollment and completion
statuses. ALMS Helpdesk: 1-877-251-0730; listen for the "SSD 2" option.
Army SSD 2