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Army High School Senior Stabilization

Do you currently have a high school Sophomore who is projected to graduate in Spring/Summer of 2016
that you'd like to leave in place so that they don't have to change schools?
On March 1st, Human Resources Command opened the window for Soldiers to submit requests to stabilize at
their current location through 2016 to leave High School Seniors in place until graduation. HRC will accept
requests for stabilization through September 30th.

HRC will look at current time on station, your unit's current and projected strength of your MOS, your dwell
time, the unit's potential deployment schedule, and whether or not you are on assignment instructions in
determining whether to approve. As a reminder, the stabilization applies to the Family Member(s) and does
not preclude HRC from assigning you to a dependent-restricted tour and potential return to your Family's
location. Although not all requests can be favorably considered, not submitting a request will always result in
an answer of no.

Route your request through your chain of command and have your S1 submit it to the Enlisted Personnel
Management Directorate Procedures & Soldier Actions Branch at

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