MILPER Message 11-083 Soldiers that fail IET or AIT 14 March 2011

1. This message will expire 31 december 2013.

2. This message announces new procedures for the reclassification and retraining of active component soldiers,
to include prior service trainees, who fail to complete advanced individual training (ait).

3. Soldiers who fail to complete ait and are released from the course are required to be processed for a new
military occupational specialty (mos) iaw the needs of the army. The reclassification branch of hrc is the
reclassification authority for the army and will manage the atrrs ts function to identify a priority mos for all ait

4. The procedures outlined in this message apply only to active component soldiers who fail to meet course
academic standards or mos qualifications iaw da pam 611-21. They do not apply to soldiers released for
misconduct or disciplinary reasons. Soldiers released for misconduct or disciplinary reasons should be processed
for elimination under applicable chapter of ar 635-200.

5. Responsibilities: for initial entry and prior service ait students, the trainee/student processing branches (tspb)
located on installations with army service schools or training centers will take the following actions when the
soldier fails to complete ait and is released from training. The tspb will not under any circumstances reclassify an
active component soldier without following the steps below.

A. Other than language training:

(1) use the “ts” function in atrrs to process the soldier for new mos training. The “ts” screen has been modified to
only offer mos approved by hrc.

(2) schedule soldier for an mos offered from the “ts” function in atrrs.

(3) as an exception to policy the tspb will contact hrc, iet distribution branch, only for soldiers who could not be
retrained via the “ts” function. The iet distribution branch, will evaluate soldier qualifications against army priority
training vacancies and schedule the soldier in atrrs for mos training.

(4) not all soldiers will qualify for reclassification. Soldiers denied reclassification by hrc will be separated iaw ar
635-200, chapter 11 or 13 and tradoc regulation 350-6, paragraph 3-45.

(5) once the soldier is scheduled in atrrs for a new mos, process the soldier for movement to next training
location, if required.

(6) career counselors are the field reclassification authority and will use the retain system to process all in service
(excluding initial entry/prior service) failures using the following steps.

(a) establish procedures between student personnel service centers and post retention office on notification of ait

(b) soldiers who were not scheduled in atrrs by the tspb must be processed in retain for a new mos. Submit a
mandatory reclassification action to hrc via retain. Hrc will schedule the soldier for a new mos and provide a
reclassification control number (rcn).

(c) additional guidance for career counselors will be published in a subsequent retain message.

B. Soldiers academically dropped from language training:

(1) when initial entry and prior service soldiers are academically dropped from a language course or soldier fails
to meet dlpt graduation standards (2/2/1+), notify hrc language branch at 502-613-5423 or 502-613-5416, for
further disposition.

(2) if a soldier is selected for recycle or reclassification, installation and dli career counselor must be notified to
determine if the soldier still meets service remaining requirements (srr) for training. If not, then soldier must be
extended prior to any further training is scheduled.

(3) soldiers failing to meet dlpt standards may receive a waiver from hrc language branch and proceed to
goodfellow afb to attend 35p training. Those who do not receive a waiver may be reclassified into another
language capable mos or other military intelligence (mi) shortage mos.

(4) iet trainees who are not identified for retaining in a mi mos must reclassify into a mos in accordance with the
needs of the army using the process in paragraph 5a or be separated iaw ar 635-200.

6. Poc for this action is mr. Louis smith, 502-613-5088, louis.Smith1@conus.Army.Mil.
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