Army Combatives Level 1
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The Combatives level 1 course lasts five days and currently covers three drills and
choking techniques which are practiced extensively from day 1 through 4 and tested on
day 5. The Army Combatives Course is very physically demanding so you may be in for
a rough week of training if you have not been getting the most out of your PT sessions.

Talk to your Training NCO if you are interested in attending the Modern Army
Combatives Level 1 Course, you will need a mouth guard, groin protector, sandals, ACU,
ACH, IBA and water bottle. The following are some of the basic techniques that are
taught at the Combatives Level 1 Course:
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U.S. Army Combatives Level 1

The Modern Army Combatives Program was established in 1995 and continues to evolve with the changes of
modern warfare and equipment that is worn by the Soldiers of today.

The Modern Army Combatives Level 1 Course is designed to teach Soldiers the basics of self defense and to
familiarize them with the challenges of hand to hand combat under stress and while wearing all of their assigned
protective equipment such as Vest, Ammo pouches, Weapons and other worn equipment.