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WASHINGTON (27 MAR 20) -- More than 14,000
retired Soldiers have already shown interest in
returning to active duty after the Army recently
reached out to over 800,000 of them to assist in
the COVID-19 pandemic response, G-1 officials
said Friday.

"The U.S. Army is actively seeking retired officers,
noncommissioned officers, and other Soldiers to
assist with COVID-19 pandemic response efforts,"
officials said in a statement. "When the nation
called, they have answered, and now that call has
come again. This extraordinary challenge requires
equally extraordinary solutions."

The Army is currently looking for the following
medical specialties:

Critical care officers, 60F
Anesthesiologist, 60N
Nurse anesthetist, 66F
Critical care nurse, 66S
Nurse practitioner, 66P
Emergency room nurse, 66T
Respiratory specialist, 68V
Medic, 68W.

With portions of the active-duty force deployed,
the Army looks to leverage the recalled volunteers
and its reserve force to support impacted medical
treatment facilities to ensure the readiness of the

Protecting U.S citizens from COVID-19 requires a
vital call to action, Army officials said in a separate
message to the retired Soldiers.

Return to service

Former active and Army Reserve Soldiers who
have been retired for less than five years must
meet the necessary certifications and eligibility
criteria before returning to service, officials said.
By law, retirees currently serving in key medical
positions cannot be recalled into service, as their
absence could impact current state medical

If a Soldier is selected to return to service, their
retirement pay will stop, as the Army places them
on active-duty pay. A Soldier's length of tour and
location would be based on the needs of the force,
officials said.

Recalled Soldiers will not be eligible for promotion,
and the Army will consider waivers for those who
cannot meet current height/weight requirements,
officials said. Uniforms will be determined at a later
date, as Army leaders continue to develop an
onboarding process for returned personnel.

Once a Soldier's service is complete, their years of
service would be recalculated, which could increase
their retirement pay.

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Army seeks retired medical Soldiers to support
COVID-19 efforts
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