Commissaries, exchanges welcoming more veterans in 2020
Commissaries, exchanges welcoming
more veterans in 2020
WASHINGTON -- As of New Year's Day,
commissaries, post exchanges and
recreational facilities across the Department
of Defense have opened their doors to more
than 4.1 million additional veterans, Army
officials said.

Privileges will be extended to veterans who
are Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners
of war, and all who have any level of
service-connected disabilities. Individuals
who are designated as primary family
caregivers of eligible veterans will also be
granted privileges if they are recognized
under the Department of Veterans Affairs'
Program of Comprehensive Assistance for
Family Caregivers.

Veterans and caregivers will also be
authorized to use morale, welfare, and
recreation -- or MWR -- retail activities like
golf courses, bowling centers, recreational
lodging facilities, recreational vehicle
campgrounds, and other MWR Category
C activities
(Shades of Green Resort).


Veterans eligible solely under this act should
have their Veteran Health Identification Card,
or VHIC, from the VA, and present it to gain
entry to DOD and Coast Guard installations,
officials said.

The VHIC must display the veteran's
eligibility status, whether it be Purple Heart
recipient, former POW, or a service
connected disability.

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