Early Separation to Further Education
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Early Separation to Further Education

Soldiers may be discharged or released from active duty for the convenience of the Government, up to 90 days before
ETS, in order to attend a specific term at college, university, vocational school, or technical school.

a. Soldiers serving initial enlistments of less than 3 years, members of the ARNGUS or USAR serving on ADT, and
former senior ROTC cadets ordered to active duty because of breaches of contract are ineligible for separation under
this paragraph. See Also
AR 635-200, paragraph 5-16 and Enlisted Early Separation Program
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b. To qualify for early separation, eligible Soldiers must—
(1) Not be mission essential to their assigned organizations, as determined by commanders concerned.

(2) Clearly establish that the specific school term for which they seek early separation is academically the most
opportune time for them to begin or resume their education, and that delay of school enrollment until normal ETS
would cause undue personal hardship.

(3) Provide a statement from an appropriate school official (for example, a registrar or director of admissions)
indicating acceptance for enrollment (without qualification or in a probationary status) in a full-time resident course of
instruction. The statement must also reflect that the latest acceptable registration date for the school term falls within
the 90–day period preceding the Soldier’s ETS.

(4) Show that they are able to pay, or have already paid, school entry fees.

c. The college or university must offer courses of instruction leading to an associate, baccalaureate, or higher degree
and must be approved by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The vocational or technical school must offer a course
of instruction of no less than 3 months’ duration and must be approved by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. See
AR 635-200 for more information about this program

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