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Technical Certification Matrixes for promotion points

In a continuing effort to improve the enlisted promotion system and to keep a Soldiers promotion competitive, the Army
G1 has approved the initiative to award promotion points for technical certifications to Soldiers competing for promotion
to sergeant and staff sergeant.

About Certification:
10 promotion points for each awarded technical certification.
Maximum of 50 promotion points are authorized for technical certifications.
No additional promotion points are authorized for recertification.
Promotion points will be awarded under civilian education.

Certification Requirements:
The certification must be on the approved TRADOC matrix listed below.
The certification must be current as required by the certifying authority.
The original certification documents must be presented to the promotion work center prior to the awarding of promotion

Army e-Learning Program
The Army e-Learning Program is a resource that provides courses to help prepare soldiers for various technical
certifications.  The courses are free to the soldier and their organization.  The program does not provide the
certification exam, however it does provide courses, practice tests, and on-line books to help prepare for the actual
certification exam. To access the courses, you must register for Army e-Learning at: .  If you are already registered you can log in at . When logged in to the program, click on the Catalog Tab on the left; Army Custom
Curricula folder; then MOS Certification Preparatory Curricula folder. Please note that the Army e-Learning Program
does not have preparatory programs for all of the certifications listed on the matrix below.  

Infantry - CMF 11, Updated 7 May 2013
Engineering - CMF 12, Updated 7 May 2013
Field Artillery - CMF 13, Updated 7 May 2013
Air Defense Artillery - CMF 14, Updated 7 May 2013
Aviation - CMF 15, Updated 7 May 2013
Armor - CMF 19, Updated 7 May 2013
Signal - CMF 25, Updated 7 May 2013
Legal - MOS 27D, Updated 7 May 2013
Military Police - CMF 31, Updated 7 May 2013
Military Intelligence - MOS 35, Updated 7 May 2013
Financial Management - CMF 36, Updated 7 May 2013
Adjutant General Corps - CMF 42, Updated 7 May 2013
Public Affairs - CMF 46, Updated 7 May 2013
Acquisition - CMF 51C, Posted 7 May 2013
Chaplains Assistant - MOS 56M, Updated 7 May 2013
Medical - CMF 68, Updated 11 Feb 2011
Chemical - MOS 74D, Updated 16 April 2012
Army Reserve - MOS 79V, Posted 7 May 2013
Transportation - CMF 88, Updated 7 May 2013
Ordnance-89, Updated 16 April 2012
Mechanical Maintenance - CMF 91, Updated 16 April 2012
Quarter Master - CMF 92, Updated 12-Apr-13
Electronic Maintenance and Calibrations - CMF 94, Updated 7 May 2013