Army Selective Retention Bonus
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1. This MILPER message is effective on 15 January
2020. This message will expire no later than 14 January
2021. Changes to the SRB program will be announced
in a subsequent MILPER message. Reference A is
rescinded on the effective date of this message.

2. This MILPER message announces changes to the
Regular Army SRB program. This message will be
brought to the immediate attention of all commanders,
retention offices, recruiters, and Defense Military Pay
Offices (DMPO).

3. To avoid future claims of erroneous or unfulfilled
commitments, commanders will ensure DMPO and
retention personnel are advised of the contents of this

4. Soldiers reenlisting under this paragraph may be
entitled to a lump sum, flat-rate, SRB payment as
depicted in paragraph

5. Bonuses that are identified for a specific location
must adhere to the rules in paragraph

6. Soldiers must currently possess a Primary Military
Occupational Specialty (PMOS), rank, and Total Active
Federal Service (TAFS) (if listed in the following table)
with associated Skill Qualification Identifier (SQI) or
Additional Skill Identifier (ASI), if any, or be currently
scheduled for training in the listed PMOS, SQI or ASI
depicting a tiered level in the following table.

If receiving a training bonus for changing their PMOS,
the tier must be listed as a tier 3 or higher. If already
PMOS qualified and receiving a training bonus for SQI
or ASI, there is no tier requirement. Additionally, if
already PMOS qualified and receiving a training bonus,
there is no requirement to be on assignment instructions
(AI) to the listed location at the time of reenlistment; the
only requirement is that they be scheduled for the critical
skill shortage training listed for that location.  

Bonuses will not be paid until Soldiers have successfully
graduated the PMOS and/or SQI or ASI that is
associated with their bonus, and if applicable, been
assigned to the specific location as identified in the
table below:

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MILPER Message 19-411
Selective Retention Bonus (SRB) Program
Army Selective Retention Bonus SRB
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