Enlisted Promotions regulation AR 600-8-19
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AR 600–8–19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions
This expedite revision, dated 25 April 2017—

o Elevates the level that the Chief of Staff of the Army or his or her superiors may promote
(para 1–9e).

o Requires that Noncommissioned Officer Education System course completion be made
a matter of record in U.S. Army Human Resources Command automation systems not later
than the 8th calendar day of the promotion month to be considered fully qualified for
promotion pin-on (para 1–10a(1)).

o Clarifies eligibility for posthumous promotion to sergeant and staff sergeant (para 1–22b

o Restricts promotion under the special military occupational specialty alignment promotion
program when professional military education requirements are not otherwise met,
establishing a promotion effective date consistent with completion of professional military
education (para 1–34).

o Updates the systems used to generate automatic promotion to private 2, private first class,
and specialist (para 2–3b).

o Changes a general officer’s promotion authority delegation to a major or higher-coded
position (para 3–1g).

o Requires forwarding of DA Form 1059 (Service School Academic Evaluation Report) for
special promotion categories (paras 3–5a(3)), 3-5g, 3-5h(1)).

o Changes interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System to total Army
personnel data base (paras 3–5d, 3–5f, 3–5g, 3–5h).

o Changes terminology “board month” to “promotion month” (tables 3–3 and 3–4).

o Changes creation of MOS-level order of merit list to 0200 eastern standard time (para 3–

o Clarifies cutoff for Regular Army/U.S. Army Reserve (Active Guard Reserve) monthly
promotion cycle (fig 3–3).

o Clarifies that promotion points are not awarded for MOS-producing courses (para 3–18b
(1) and (2)).

o Requires the Soldier to maintain a valid promotion score through the first day of the
promotion month after selected as fully qualified for promotion pin-on (para 3–22b(3)).

o Eliminates the service remaining requirement for promotion to staff sergeant (para 3–32).

o Changes the expiration of a centralized selection list to the 1st day of the 25th month from
the date it is officially published (para 4–1c(3)).

o Adds criteria to extend a Soldier on a centralized list when a training deferment is
approved (para 4–1c(3)(a)).

o Adds the maximum length of time a Soldier may reside on a centralized selection list (para

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Updated Enlisted Promotions Regulation AR 600-8-19
AR 600-8-19