7 Little known facts about SMA Dailey
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7 little-known facts about SMA Dailey
When Sgt Maj. Daniel A. Dailey was sworn-in as the 15th sergeant major of the Army -- a
top advisor to the Army chief of staff and secretary of the Army -- on Jan. 30, 2015, he
said "I was just a poor average kid from Northeast Pennsylvania."

Since then, he's been working to be an above-average advocate for common-sense policy
changes that increase Soldier morale, communicate the impacts of legislative proposals to
members of Congress, and make improvements to the noncommissioned officer
educational system that will help Soldiers earn academic credit and professional
certifications in the future.

Here are a few little-known facts about Dailey -- the down-to-earth Soldier whose mission
is to prepare and support the nearly 1 million men and women in uniform to fight and win.
They were compiled from his own words:

1.) My favorite thing about my hometown -- Palmerton, Pennsylvania - - is the small-town
feel. There's nothing but mountains, family businesses and farms. We have two traffic
lights. The Home Depot is a 45-minute drive from our house.

2.) My least favorite thing about my hometown is, it's small. The Home Depot is a
45-minute drive from our house.

3.) When I was 10 years old I wanted to be a carpenter. But, I liked to play Army all the
time with my best friend, too. My dad served and my older brother did as well. I knew it
was something I would do because my family always impressed upon me the importance
of service, but didn't think it would be my career. It took an NCO named Staff Sergeant
Davis to show me what great leadership really was. My chain of command believed in
me, and told me I should go to the NCO Academy to make me see there might be more
for me in the Army than just two years and out. That's why it's so important for NCOs to
let Soldiers with potential know they have value.

4.) When I was a kid, all I remember doing was playing basketball. I wasn't the greatest
basketball player - I was average, but I was part of a championship team - the Palmerton
Blue Bombers. We were undefeated. I like being on a winning team, that's why I'd so
proud and humbled to be on the Army Team!

5.) Now-a-days, a relaxing day is spent in the garage/woodshop/workshop tinkering and
making furniture. I can even upholster the furniture. We didn't have much growing up, so
my dad taught us how to fix things and my mother taught us boys how to sew (handy skill
to have when you need to sew a patch on your uniform). I also like to hunt and fish.

6.) My favorite line from a movie is anything from a Will Ferrell movie. There are so many
to choose from ... "If you ain't first, you're last," or "You stink, you don't smell like Santa,"
or "You're an angry little elf."

7.) If you caught me singing in the car, I'd be singing Lady Gaga or something else crazy
my son put on my IPOD.
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By Master Sgt. Michelle Johnson
7 little-known facts about SMA Dailey