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SMA Dailey Talks About Improving the Army
Education System
FORT CARSON, Colo. (April 22, 2015)-- The importance of improving military
education while continually improving the Army profession were two topics
Sgt. Maj.
of the Army Daniel A. Dailey shared with members of the Fort Carson community,
April 20-21.

"As the Army gets smaller we have to invest in the people who will lead us into the
future," Dailey said. "We are revamping the entire military education system. Our
education system doesn't transfer well into the civilian sector. While we rebuild our
courses force-wide, we are focusing on maximizing opportunity for two programs:
credentialing and academic equivalency.
"We are the largest academic institution in the world and have the largest online
delivery system in America," Dailey said. "We have the academic ability to accredit
our own courses, to give you the maximum amount of credit for the work that you
do, especially the ones that translate into work that is done out in the civilian sector."

Dailey addressed about 600 Soldiers and Family members at McMahon Auditorium,
discussing topics affecting the future of all Soldiers and Families, while answering
questions about any concerns they had.

"We will continue to be the smartest, most-educated and well-trained fighting force
in the world," Dailey said.

"My goal is to make sure that Soldiers are getting all they deserve when they exit
the Army," he said. "We are making changes to the non-commissioned officer
[NCO] education system to ensure Soldiers will earn maximum credit for the
schools they attend while they are in the Army."
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SMA Dailey talks about military education
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