Sergeant major of the army
Sergeant Major of the Army
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Sergeant Major of the Army Daniel A. Dailey was sworn in as the 15th Sergeant
Major of the Army on January 30, 2015. Dailey has held every enlisted
leadership position during his career, ranging from Bradley Fighting Vehicle
commander to command sergeant major.

As sergeant major of the Army, Dailey is the Army chief of staff's personal
adviser on matters affecting the enlisted force. He devotes the majority of his
time traveling throughout the Army to observe training and talk to Soldiers and
their families.

He sits on a wide variety of councils and boards that make decisions affecting
enlisted Soldiers and their Families and is routinely invited to testify before
Congress. Dailey is the public face of the U.S. Army's noncommissioned officer
corps, representing the corps to the American people in the media and through
business and community engagements. See
Biography for more information
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SMA Dailey
Sergeant Major of the Army

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey

"I'm absolutely convinced that anyone can be the sergeant major of
the U.S. Army. Any Soldier in today's Army - even an average Soldier
like me - has what it takes to be an Army senior leader. "

- Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey
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