Training with Industry (TWI) Information for Regular Army Enlisted Soldiers
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Training with Industry (TWI) Information for Army Enlisted Soldiers
1. This message will expire NLT 31 Dec 17.

2. The Training with Industry (TWI) program is a work-experience program that provides
select Regular Army noncommissioned officers extensive exposure to managerial
techniques and industry procedures as a fellow within corporate America. The type of
training Soldiers experience through program participation is normally not available
through the military school system or civilian university system.

3. Following the completion of the TWI experience, Soldiers are placed in positions
that leverage the skills learned while training and working with industry. Participating
Soldiers incur an active duty service obligation of three days for every day served with
the industry. This equates to a three-year commitment following a one-year assignment
with TWI.

4. The following military occupational specialties (MOS) have been identified for TWI
opportunities for FY17 (some have multiple opportunities as shown below):

MOS -------------------> Grade --------------> Industry
12D --------------------> SSG                     Dive Lab, Inc
12H --------------------> SSG or SFC        Wachter Nationwide Electrical Inc.
12N --------------------> SSG or SFC        Defense & Federal Products, Caterpillar
12T --------------------> SSG or SFC        Trimble Navigation, Limited
17C --------------------> SFC or MSG        Dell Secure Works
17C --------------------> SSG or SFC        Lockheed Martin Information Systems
17C --------------------> SSG or SFC        Verizon Federal
17C --------------------> SFC or MSG        Jefferies Global Information Security
17C --------------------> SFC or MSG        First Data Corp
25B --------------------> SSG                     Cisco Systems, Inc
25M -------------------> SSG                      NFL NY
25N --------------------> SSG                     General Dynamics
25S --------------------> SFC                      General Dynamics
25U --------------------> SSG or SFC        Harris Corporation
25V --------------------> SSG                     NFL Films
25Z --------------------> SFC                      Fox Network Engineering
29E --------------------> SFC or MSG        Raytheon SI Government Solutions
36B --------------------> SFC                      Armed Forces Bank
42A --------------------> MSG or 1SG        HR Certification Institute
42A --------------------> SFC or MSG        Abt Associates
42R --------------------> SFC                     Walt Disney Company
46R/46Q/46Z -------> SSG or SFC        Siemens Corp
46R/46Q/46Z -------> SSG or SFC        Google, Inc
46R/46Q/46Z -------> SSG or SFC        National Football League
46R/46Q/46Z -------> SSG or SFC        USAA
51C --------------------> SFC or MSG        Microsoft Corp
51C --------------------> SFC or MSG        Amazon Web Services
68A --------------------> SGT or SFC        Philips Medical Systems
68R --------------------> SFC                     Sysco Corp
88H --------------------> SFC                     Virginia International Gateway
88M -------------------> SFC                      The Coca-Cola Company
88N --------------------> SFC                      FedEx
89D --------------------> SFC                      Los Alamos National Laboratory
91B/91X --------------> SSG or SFC        Oshkosh Defense, Integrated Product Support
91E/91X --------------> SSG-SFC             Lincoln Electric
91L/91X ---------------> SSG or SFC        Caterpillar Defense & Federal Products
91S/91X --------------> SSG or SFC         General Dynamics Land Systems
92A ---------------------> SSG or SFC        W.W. Grainger
92F ---------------------> SSG or SFC        United Parcel Service (UPS)
92F ---------------------> SSG or SFC        Pond
92G --------------------> SSG or SFC        Sullivan University, Hospitality Studies
92G --------------------> SSG or SFC        Culinary Institute of America
92L ---------------------> SSG or SFC        Chevron Oil Corp
92M --------------------> SSG or SFC        Department of Veteran Affairs
92R --------------------> SSG or SFC        Airborne Systems North America
92Y --------------------> SSG or SFC        Sullivan University, Supply Chain Management
92Y --------------------> SSG or SFC        W.W. Grainger
94W/94X/93P ------> SFC ----------------> Lockheed Martin Missile & Fire Control

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Training with Industry (TWI) Information for Army Enlisted Soldiers