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Soldiers can now wear black socks when they’re doing PT.
Soldiers are allowed to wear black or white socks with both the gray and the black
Physical Fitness Uniforms. The change is effective as of 5 November 2015
according to the U.S. Army G-1, in an exception to policy memo that allows soldiers
to choose what color socks they wear until the Army has a chance to update Army
Regulation 670-1.

The socks — black or white — will be calf-length or ankle-length, and plain with no
logos. Ankle-length socks must cover the soldier’s entire ankle bone.

The change is a simple, no-cost change, and it gives soldiers another option
instead of adding another item to their clothing bags.

The decision to allow black socks is the result of soldier requests to Army senior
leaders, and it was a regular topic of conversation during town hall meetings with
Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey.

Discussion: With so many more important issues to Soldiers and families was this
change really needed? I am sure that the Army wasted many duty hours and
money to make this decision but for what?
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