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2017 Army Officer Candidate School Announcement
FY17 U.S. Army Federal Officer Candidate School Program Announcement [13-Oct-2016]

1. This MILPER message rescinds MILPER message 15-270 and all previous MILPER
messages related to OCS and applies to FY 17 OCS mission requirements and HQDA
OCS selection panels. This message expires 30 September 2017 unless earlier rescinded.

2. Changes noted in this MILPER:
a. Establishes HQDA OCS selection panel dates (para 4)
b. Adds additional requirements for band members wishing to serve as band officers
c. Requires two APFT scores.  (para 9o(2)

3. Applicability.  This message applies to all Active Component (AC), US Army Reserve
(USAR), and National Guard in-service applicants for Federal OCS at the Ft Benning, GA,
Officer Candidate School.  This message contains Soldier eligibility and application
requirements, waiver and selection procedures, and general information.

a. This message does not pertain to State and accelerated National Guard OCS training.  
Specific rules for National Guard application for the Federal OCS program can be found in
reference R.

b. USAR Soldiers must contact Army Reserve Careers Division (ARCD) for assistance.

4. FY 17 Panel Dates. The following dates are for USAR and AC in-service Soldiers and
FY17 HQDA OCS selection panels held at HRC.  HRC does not establish dates for local
interviews held at brigade or higher, Military Personnel Divisions (MPD), or for National
Guard.  For local interview dates please contact your S1/G1, State AG, or Military
Personnel Division; USAR will contact ARCD.

Packets must be submitted via AKO Organizational file.  HRC will approve submitters of
OCS packets.  HRC approved submitters must request access in order to submit packets.
Submitting packets via email is prohibited without prior approval from HRC Officer
Accessions Branch (OAB) prior approval.  Packets submitted via email without OAB
approval will be returned without action.

a. Panel date 17-20 January 2017.  Deadline for packet submission is 18 November
2016.Requests for waiver of requirements for commissioning must be submitted to HRC
no later than 21 October 2016.  ARCD will establish USAR application deadlines to meet
HRC deadline.  Dates are subject to change and announced by MILPER message as
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