Approximately 120,000 Soldiers were initially offered the option to voice
their opinion on the uniform survey. A second email was sent Aug. 10
to those same Soldiers offering additional time to participate in the
survey if they have not already voted.

Preliminary results from the first two weeks of tabulation have been

The first survey question asked Soldiers their opinion on the wear of
black socks, rather than white socks, with the Army Physical Fitness
uniform. Of the 12,050 Soldiers who answered the question, 66.7
percent - or 8,032 Soldiers - voiced support for the wear of black socks.

In regards to the "Eisenhower jacket," 62.8 percent agreed that
purchase and wear should be an option, but not a requirement, for

Dailey has also received positive feedback on the Eisenhower Jacket
from outside the confines of the survey respondents.

"The veteran community is really excited about the nostalgia aspect of
the 'Ike' jacket," Dailey said.

The Army currently has two "campaign hats" for drill sergeants.
Campaign hats for male drill sergeants feature a flat brim all the way
around the hat. For female drill sergeants, the brim is folded up on the
wearer's left side. The Army asked if there should be a "single style of
headgear for all drill sergeants." More than 60 percent of Soldiers, who
responded to the question, said "yes."

Another question regarding headgear asked if there should be a single
style of service cap for all Soldiers. In particular, the Army wanted to
know if the "bus driver hat" should be authorized for both male and
female Soldiers. According to the survey, 66.7 percent of Soldiers said
"yes" to that question.

Black socks would be an authorized purchase for Soldiers, for
instance. The Eisenhower jacket would not be a required uniform item -
it would be manufactured by companies outside the Army, and would
be an optional, not required, uniform item.

The Army would not need to buy the Eisenhower jacket for Soldiers.
Soldiers would instead buy it on their own, if they wanted it. Finally, for
the campaign hat and the service cap, these items are already in the
Army inventory. The Army would not need to create a new item for

"Additional analysis will be used before a final decision is made on any
item that could result in a cost to the Army," an Army official said.

Dailey plans to endorse the final data.

"If it's what Soldiers want, I'm all for moving the ball down the field on
their behalf as long as it doesn't result in a new bill," Dailey said.

Dailey must present Soldier selections to the chief of staff and in some
cases the Army Uniform Board for approval before any changes can be
made. If changes are approved, Soldiers would not be able to wear
new items until further instructions are provided by official means.
Guidelines and timelines for wear would be released via All Army
Activities, or ALARACT, messages to the force.
Army ASU Ike Jacket
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SMA Dailey on Uniform Changes, Black Socks and
Drill Sergeant Hats
WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Aug. 11, 2015) --
Preliminary results show that a majority of Soldiers want a
chance to wear the Ike jacket for dress and black socks for
physical training, but a survey on proposed uniform changes
has been extended until Aug. 31.

Last month, 120,000 active-duty, Army National Guard and Army
Reserve Soldiers were offered the opportunity to opine, online,
regarding new uniform options.

While 10 percent of those who were offered the opportunity to
participate logged in and voiced their opinion, Sgt. Maj. of the
Army Daniel A. Dailey wants a more "robust response" from
Soldiers before making any further recommendations.

"It's a healthy survey sample, but I'd like to be sure it's what
most Soldiers want before we move forward," Dailey said. He
directed the survey period be extended for an additional two
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