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Army TA-50 Guide
If you are getting ready to PCS check
this out before you lay out your TA-50.
Are your Soldiers out of control?
Counseling Soldiers on a DA Form 4856
Army Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills
Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills
View all current Army Warrior Tasks and Battle
Drills for Army Training.
Monthly Enlisted Cut-off Scores
Cut off scores for April 2019 are now
available. Did you make the cut?
Promotion System
M4 Carbine, M4 Rifle
This Soldier needs to be counseled and then smacked around a bit
Promotion Points for Technical Certificates
See what certificate programs are worth points
towards your next promotion
New Promotion Point Calculator
Add up your points for promotion to E5-SGT
and E6-SSG under the new point system
Army Enlisted Promotions Trend Report
Check the monthly enlisted promotions trend
report to see where you stand for promotion.
2015 BAH Rates Calculator
How much BAH will you receive at your new
duty station?  
Courses Valid for Promotion Points
Find out what courses are worth
promotion points for E5 and E6
Army Legal Handbook
Should I go Army NCO or Officer?
Should I go Army Officer or NCO?
Good info if you are joining the Army
Get the Senior NCO and Commanders Guide today
Enlisted Promotions Cut off scores
Army Promotion Points Calculator
Army TA-50 Guide with pictures
Courses valid for army promotion points
Most Requested Information
New BAH Rates
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Free stuff for military
SMA Dailey
2015 army SFC Promotion Board Results
New military pay charts